Why User Experience Is Key To Digital Marketing Success

UX is a qualitative foundation for digital marketing, or you can say any marketing. User experience is not only the promotion of the Product.

When focusing on building your brand, marketers mostly focus on digital marketing campaigns and forgetting on the other side – UX, which is vital when creating campaigns. These two terms are directly connected, and without one, the other will not be effective.

Your digital marketing campaign may seem like the best campaign, but if your UX is not right, you will lose customers and fail to generate conversions.


So what is UX? UX is a combination of different principles such as visual design, information architecture, interaction design, usability, user search, and content strategy.

According to – McKinsey  “Simply improving customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.”

Why User Experience Is Key To Digital Marketing Success

User Experience (UX) Design Impacts Your Digital Marketing

The most important marketing asset for your business is your website. Your content should be visually appealing enough that it drives users to take action. Upon visiting your website, a user should encounter an intuitive and frictionless user experience.

When strategizing and identifying your digital marketing efforts, consider these factors:

The User Interface (UI)

This is the face of your website. How are elements distributed across the page? Which colors are used? What typographic styles are incorporated? These are the elements that will drive your users’ first impressions.

All of these small details add significant value to the big picture. Whether it’s a “subscribe now” button, paid ad, in-line call-to-action, or a landing page; the design should be intuitive and tell the user what to do next. 

The position of elements should tell a story and navigate the user to take the desired action. Don’t overwhelm them with options because it will deteriorate the user experience. Leverage colors to evoke certain emotions and portray your brand’s characteristics. Colour can also be used to create focal points and draw users’ attention.

Your font selection plays a big role in the personality you create for your brand. A conservative font with minimal typographic accents will create a sense of professionalism and seriousness, meanwhile, a more playful font can depict a youthful, relaxed, and easy-going organization.

Mobile Experience

With ever-increasing use and reliance on mobile devices, it is imperative that you create your digital marketing strategies with mobile in mind. When thinking about your website, you can no longer get away with only offering a desktop version.

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